Top 10 International Moving Companies Greece [2020]

Here you can find a list of the 10 best ranking international moving companies in Greece. This overview is based on the review ratings of each company.


KAE International s.r.o.

9.2 out of 12 reviews
(12 reviews)


Safeway Transport

7.3 out of 12 reviews
(12 reviews)


Allied Pickfords - The Careful Movers™ Greece

10.0 out of 2 reviews
(2 reviews)


Intermove SA

10.0 out of 1 review
(1 review)

N. Psychiko

Minoan Logistics

8.0 out of 1 review
(1 review)


Unfortunately in Greece we only have 5 companies with reviews.
In total we have 24 international moving companies in Greece in our database. If you are looking for a moving company near you, you can search by city. If you already know a moving company that you want more information about, you can enter the name of the company in the form below.


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